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The aftermath of trauma is unfortunately quite complex and widespread. Included below are pages reviewing the aftereffects commonly experienced by survivors of childhood trauma, sexual trauma, and domestic violence. Note that, regardless of the form of trauma experienced, the emotional aftermath is all to often very similar.

Consequences of Childhood Trauma
Many people believe that childhood trauma has no affect on a person in their adult lives. However,this will show otherwise. While it's doubtful that, if you're reading this, you need a list of the emotional aftermath of trauma there may be something listed here that you haven't considered before. Also, please consider reading this article for a breakdown of current scientific findings on the matter.

Common Aftereffects of Sexual Trauma
The following is a list of aftereffects commonly experienced by survivors of sexual abuse.

Common Aftereffects Domestic Violence
This page reviews how to recognize domestic violence as well as it's afteraffects.