Artwork © 2015 Jocelyn Patrick

Tools for Coping


Challenging Mistaken Beliefs
Challenging mistaken beliefs, ideas, and beliefs is key to move beyond trauma. This article describes six common belief systems that often develop due to trauma/abuse, and then describes how affirmations can be used to remove false belief systems that foreshadow our critical self talk.

Surround yourself with positive affirmations. Read them daily. If the following list does not work for you there are other websites full of affirmations(just google it). With enough practice you can change the way you think which is absolutely paramount in changing how you deal with life, how you feel about yourself, and in increasing your strength in the face of trauma.

Fighting Critical Voices
Its hard to fight off the old tapes that keep playing in you head of, “I'm an idiot,” or “I'm worthless,” ect. But its important to keep fighting it, and to soothe yourself, instead of automatically criticizing yourself. This page can offer you some help in this area.