Artwork © 2015 Jocelyn Patrick

Creative Survivor Projects & Galleries


Sites dedicated to bringing awareness to violence or abuse through art

Awareness of Rape & Incest Through Art (ARIA)
ARIA believes in empowering and healing survivors of sexual abuse by transforming internal suffering into works of art. ARIA provides a forum for self-expression while spreading awareness & creating a community among survivors.

Be A Voice Arts
Be a Voice Arts is dedicated to shining a light on the ugly societal taboo of domestic violence by sharing a story of courage and hope through artistic expression resulting in strength, inspiration, and healing.

Bravery Project
The Bravery Project gives survivors of domestic abuse a voice to tell their stories of triumph over hardship through our custom portrait art. The art is used in exhibits to promote awareness, education about the issues and how to solve them.

Faces of Survivors: Voices Reclaimed
Faces of Survivors: Voices Reclaimed is a series of photographs of survivors of sexual assault, abuse, and domestic violence. This project is an educational tool shown in schools, galleries, and community spaces. The project aims to raise public awareness about the scope of sexual violence and the diversity of those affected, as well as to provide positive images of healing.

Points With Purpose
This project gives dots a greater meaning by associating each dot with a real person who has been raped or sexually abused. Together the dots create a drawing of a survivor who feels confident, proud and beautiful. Many thousands of people from over 150 countries have embraced this project.

"Reaching Out" Child Abuse Monument
The first national monument has been created to acknowledge and validate childhood abuse victims. Through its sculpted quilt squares the "Reaching Out" Child Abuse Monument honors the spirit and courage of survivors to speak out and educate on abuse.

Survivors Art Foundation
Survivors Art Foundation is committed to empowering Trauma-Survivors with Effective Expressive Outlets. This also works to raise public awareness through the arts: eradicating abuse and creating an atmosphere of acceptance for survivors with disabilities.

Voices & Faces Project
This national documentary project was created to give voices and faces to survivors of sexual violence, offering a sense of solidarity to those who have lived through rape and sexual abuse, while also raising awareness of how this issue impacts victims, families and communities.

Jan Goff-LaFontaine
Jan Gaff-LaFontaine's work is focused on two projects: her book Women in Shadow and Light, and the photographic exhibit from which it evolved, "Out of the Shadows". Both projects use art to empower women by focusing on hope, strength and healing.