Artwork © 2015 Jocelyn Patrick

Myth: The Abused Are Doomed to Abuse

Many survivors worry about the so-called "Vampire Syndrome" having read about it in articles in newspapers etc. Unfortunately most worry about it unduly, and the newspapers tend to over state the case, but what the hell… it sells papers… so they say. Well sell papers or not it is time to have a better look at things.

The "Vampire Syndrome" basically is ‐‐ boys/girls who are sexually abused, like the victims of "Count Dracula", will go on to "bite" others, in this case, sexually abuse others.

This is of course largely a MYTH, and a rather dangerous one at that. Whilst it is true that some, offenders have histories of sexual abuse, it is NOT true that the vast majority of victims will thus go on to become offenders. Of those offenders whom have a history of abuse, the main difference appears to be that they did not consider themselves to have suffered abuse when young, nor any ill effects from what happened to them. Most offenders consider the event to have been an act of teaching about sex, or as a bonus in some other way, and in no way abuse. The fact that YOU consider yourself to be a victim means that you are in fact very unlikely to offend against others. You realize what damage the abuse has done to you, and thus you have the safe guard of knowing what affect sexual abuse would have on another. More so, you would also see such actions as abuse, where as the vast majority of offenders would not.

The fact that YOU consider yourself to be a victim means that you are in fact very unlikely to offend against others.

Some victims will during their teens engage in sexual activity with others of their own age in a consensual way, and may in later years look back on this as abusive. In some cases it may have been so, but in most cases I doubt if it was neither perceived by the other person as such, nor meant in that way. In any case, even if you do consider it was abusive, and you NOW realize it as such, the chances are that you were too young to realize what effects the abuse that you had suffered had had on you. This is not meant as an excuse, just to say that it would be understandable, and would be your abusers fault in many ways because of the way they distorted your reality. Even those that do abusive things in their teens are unlikely to become offenders later on in life once they realize what effect the abuse has had on them, and perceive it as such.

The main thing to remember is that once a person starts on recovery, having realized that they have been abused, they are unlikely to sexually abuse a child if they do not have a history of having done so in the past.

The "Vampire Syndrome" is in large a myth, and the sooner people realize that the sooner that survivors will find it easier to come forward with their stories of having been abused, or raped. The fact that this myth is used by newspapers, and the media in general, hurts many males that have suffered and helps those that force abused people to keep their secret.