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General Information & Resources


The following websites offer facts, resources, and advice to individuals seeking information on any and all forms of sexual violence including rape, molestation, and incest.

A Mighty Phoenix
Activist and author Marie Waldrep created this web site, called The Mighty Phoenix, with information to help promote awareness and healing of all sexual abuse.

Pandora's Project
Pandora's Project's mission is to provide information, facilitate peer support and offer assistance to male and female survivors of sexual violence and their friends and family.
Cambridge Documentary Films who produced the documentary, Rape is …, designed this site to help connect people with organizations and resources. Information is provided about any and all forms of sexual violence.

Rubbed The Wrong Way
This is a site for women, men and teenagers who have experienced sexual assault by a massage practitioner, or for anyone else interested in the topic.
This site provides stories, articles, inspiration and help to those affected by sexual abuse, rape and molestation. They are asking for submissions from survivors or supporters of survivors to display on these pages.