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General Information & Resources


The following sites provide general information regarding trauma and abuse in it's various forms

Your Strength To Heal
Your Strength To Heal is dedicated to healing and preventing trauma, primarily through education, training, support, and valuable online information on trauma to survivors, mental health professionals, and the community- at-large.

Gift From Within
Gift From Within started in 1993 with the intention of giving trauma survivors, their loved ones and supporters a credible online website

Survivors United
This site, built by child abuse survivor, Jenna Kandyce Linch, is dedicated to all the survivors and victims of abuse who are still standing strong in life.

David Baldwin's Trauma Information Pages
Since 1995 psychologist David Baldwin has compiled voluminous links to articles, handouts and other mental-health resources on a wide array of trauma and stress topics.

Earth Station Nine: Abuse and Survival Information
Earth Station Nine is a Compendium of Resources from the Invisible Web - 70 Newsfeeds - 790 Categories - 46000 Resources - 1228 Pages.

Gift of Many
This site has been built in hopes of spreading awareness regarding different types of abuse as well as information about each type (signs, symptoms, etc.). The goal is to bring as much awareness to the world as possible.

Sasian - Sibling Abuse Survivors Information & Advocacy Network
Provides information for survivors of sibling abuse and sibling sexual abuse It is also for parents who know or suspect there is sibling abuse in their family and want to do something about it, and for parents who want to understand and prevent abuse.

: : IN BLOOM : :
: : IN BLOOM : : features resources and information on child abuse & neglect, sexual abuse, rape, incest, domestic violence, DID, BPD, PTSD, depression, eating disorders, bipolar, self - injury, anxiety & substance abuse.

Surviving the Memories
Coming Soon!!! … A site for survivors of sexual assault, rape, child abuse, child sexual assault.