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Annual Survivor Events, Campaigns, & Conferences


The campaign(s) are held in order to promote awareness of abuse and trauma.

Truth About Rape
This campaign was formed to challenge myths about rape, & bring the truth & realities of rape back onto the public agenda. Since the November 2002 launch they've been responsible for providing critical comment on a number of media related issues on rape.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) Campaign
Every year, in the month of October, across the United States events are held in order to raise raise public awareness about the serious issue of domestic violence. Linked here are traditional ideas often implimented by advocates and survivors as part of their campaign efforts.

The Blue Ribbon Campaign
April is recognized nationally as Child Abuse Prevention Month. The Blue Ribbon Campaign is a community wide effort to recognize our collective responsibility to prevent and confront all forms of child abuse and neglect.